A dilemma... a country...

I had been living in this perception that I would work my country and bla bla bla.

But in the last two weeks i have come accross some wierd events, incidents or to be honest, CALAMITIES.

The people being exploited from the 'E' in the word till the end of it to 'D'.
The tribals (bastar, kalinga, telengana etc.) have been asked and forced to vacate lands for SEZ's and other industries. Their houses being snatched... being killed... being allotted new houses which are located in unhealthy, inaccessible locations with no electricity, no water supply and no roads... exploitation at civic, economic and personal levels.
It is from these locations that naxalites are born.

The north east(nagas, mizos and other tribes), the Kashmiris,
I had always thought that their demands are baseless, as meeting them would be breaking the country.

But my recently changed mindset compared the same situation with Britain ruling over India and calling it a part of Brtain itself!

I know that agreeing to them would break our country but what country?
It can't be called a country, unless its people are happy!

We are slowly and unfortunately living in a country with no Unity but only Diversity.

A dilemma... a country called INDIA


~~~Sonal~~~ said…
' We are slowly and unfortunately living in a country with no Unity but only Diversity...'

I kept reading this line, only to realize how true it is...
We dont take time out, to think about our fellowmen and hardly do we make an effort to.
Feels good to know that you can put their plight in words for others to understand.!!
GOOD work!
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I agree completely with your "what country" part.. ..but I feel instead of meeting demands of seperation we should intead try n bring everyone together(how i admit i do not know)....the only thing is,, to beat the system one has to be part of it and even as journalists we are but only outside the system as critics..n although we are playing our part..there is a lot left to be done :)

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