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In a world, big and huge...

Where are the similarities...?

I am from Asia and 'you' are from America...Division!

I leave that discussin and come back to Asia...I look around, we are all Asians.

But i am from South Asia and 'you' are from the West. I chuck the debate and reach South Asia.

I breathe in ...feel good, We are all South Asians. We are one...NO

I am from India and 'you' are from Pakistan. We argue and we fight.

I leave the debate and reach India, my motherland, my nation, my heart! more divisions...We are all Indians...

But no, I am a South Indian and 'you' are a North Indian
I am a West Indian and 'you' are from the East, or from the North East.

I leave this debate too and come to Gujarat, where I am presently staying...All Gujjus? NO!

I am a Kathiwadi, you are from Saurashtra..Hindu-Muslim... Parsi-Sindhi...

Too much!

I enter the NID gate and feel relieved...

All NIDians. Great...
But not really!

I am from A-hostel, 'you'are from …

Ek-rekh-er of the moment

"Why do people fall in love? Why don't they RISE in it ... ;)

Ek-rekh-er of the day

"We all have points to make... but no one joins the points to make a line!"