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Sunday, September 27, 2009


In a world, big and huge...

Where are the similarities...?

I am from Asia and 'you' are from America...Division!

I leave that discussin and come back to Asia...I look around, we are all Asians.

But i am from South Asia and 'you' are from the West. I chuck the debate and reach South Asia.

I breathe in ...feel good, We are all South Asians. We are one...NO

I am from India and 'you' are from Pakistan. We argue and we fight.

I leave the debate and reach India, my motherland, my nation, my heart! more divisions...We are all Indians...

But no, I am a South Indian and 'you' are a North Indian
I am a West Indian and 'you' are from the East, or from the North East.

I leave this debate too and come to Gujarat, where I am presently staying...All Gujjus? NO!

I am a Kathiwadi, you are from Saurashtra..Hindu-Muslim... Parsi-Sindhi...

Too much!

I enter the NID gate and feel relieved...

All NIDians. Great...
But not really!

I am from A-hostel, 'you'are from B hostel. I am from FVC, 'you' are from Textiles...

I am dark, 'you' are fair, I recite the Hanuman chalisa and 'you' offer Namaz!

Who am 'I'? Who are 'YOU"?

There are differences... many infact, which is natural... There has to be divisions and partitions...

But when I ask 'YOU" ... "Deep inside, are we actually different? Are we divided?"

'You' think, ponder upon it, breathe in...and say "NO!"

'I' am 'you' and 'you' are 'I'...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ek-rekh-er of the moment

"Why do people fall in love? Why don't they RISE in it ... ;)

Ek-rekh-er of the day

"We all have points to make... but no one joins the points to make a line!"