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The Fight

Some told me to fight for the poor man, be a communist,
some told me to fight for more money, be a capitalist,
some told me to fight for allah-ram, be a fanatic,
some told me to fight for lost village lands, be a naxalite,
some told me to fight for the country, be a soldier,
but I just wanted to fight for what I liked, I just wanted to be a human-being...
I wrote this and then my friend Sambit Kumar Pradhan came up with this brilliant Hindi/Urdu translation of the same piece...

वो कहते हैं ग़रीब के लिए लड़ो- साम्यवादी बनो.
वो कहते हैं धन के लिए लड़ो- पूंजीपति बनो.
वो कहते हैं अल्लाह-राम के लिए लड़ो- कट्टरपंथी बनो.
वो कहते हैं छिनी ज़मीन के लिए लड़ो- नक्सली बनो.
वो कहते हैं देश के लिए लड़ो- सिपाही बनो.
मैं तो मगर अपनी चाह के लिए लड़ना चाहता हूँ,
मैं सिर्फ इंसान बनना चाहता हूँ



Years ago, the world saw the GODLY mountain,
the peak covered with heavenly clouds,
the slopes holding the purest of breezes.

Men and women worshiped the freshness of the mountain,
the beauty of the flowers,
they worshiped the honest heights,
so, they built a TEMPLE at the peak.

Seasons passed, men and women came from miles away,
to see the mountain temple.
There were innumerable people,
the breeze was pure no more,
the heights were honest no more,
there were just people and their greedy faith.

Today, centuries later,
there's a HUGE temple,
there are a million shops on the mountain,
there are guest houses and business plans,
but unfortunately, there's NO GOD!

(Images: Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam, Andra Pradesh and Vaishno devi mata, Jammu and Kashmir)

My dry pastel experiments

That's my hand (first image). Then I did this (second image) with soft pastels. Felt good :)