Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I kept speaking of democracy, corruption and freedom, the CROWS kept ignoring me. I shouted, "You are irresponsible citizens!". One of them replied, "You talk of freedom? We are already FLYING..." They disappeared into the skies.

Friday, August 12, 2011

That fog

It has been a long time since I visited this space, or in many ways, since I visited 'my' space. I had been busy shooting my diploma film, 'The Uljhu Journal'. hat was one journey which taught me a lot. Those 10 days we worked really hard, with good results.

But on the last day of shoot, we got to know that we have lost a day's footage. This was too big a shock to get on the last day of the shoot, when the actors would be leaving soon. For the next 2 days I took a break fro the film to figure out what to do next. What was really painful was that even after planning so well for months, I lost the footage because of someone's carelessness. Over the next 2 days, I realised that it was no use wasting time thinking about it, so I started editing the film.

Over this period I came up with the alternative of the lost footage. So, as I was editin, I would reshoot with my cinematographer and the available actors. This taught me a new thing. Before this, whenever I would finish shooting, I would never go back to the camera. But this incident opened that avenue. I didn't only shoot scenes which were a replacement for my lost footage, I also reshot a few shots which weren't satisfactory.

As I was getting over with this, a strange headache attacked me. I always had these headaches where the left part of my head would get attacked by a bunch of imaginary nails, piercing into it. The more I edited, the more it ached. After about 2 weeks of editing, I decided to rest. I let the headache take over. The pain remained forever, didn't let me sleep, didn't let me work, didn't let me think...

Meanwhile I got to know that I have Sinusitis. It was during this phase when the news of my film (Budhan Diaries) being short-listed in Jeevika film festival, Delhi came as a big relief. Sometimes, good news is more powerful than medical and physical pains.
It was time to go home to take the train (from Delhi) to Kolkata to attend a festival which was screening 2 of my films. I had made up my mind that I would go home and edit well for a week before going to Cal. I had also thought of going to the doctor to get a proper check up for the headache.

I reached Delhi. It was nice to meet my parents and Nish. But right after 2 days, on a sunday, I started vomiting. I would have have water i would puke. The whole day I kept puking...about 9-10 vomits. And there was gigginess... chakkar hi chakkar... I couldn't even sit. The doctor said, this is all because my body was tired. So he told me to sleep for a few days.

I wanted to sleep. But the way I was puking those yellow digestive fluids made my parents take me to the hospital. There i was put on saline prip- 3 bottles of Glucose. They said my body had lost a lot. So I needed to eat and sleep again. I was happy again. The doctors said it was because of lot of strain which my mind and body had taken over the last month or so. This brought me visuals of my shoot, my edit, footage-loss and many such things where I ignored my health (not to forget the scary headaches).

It's been one week since I got that check up done. This week, i have had a ball. I have been sleeping continuously, just waking up to eat or other equally important things. I am much better now, but there's little giddiness still there. Today I could look into the computer without any trouble in my head.

But I am seriusly bored of thid huge cloud of fog which forced me to sleep. I want to get out of it now and see the sunrise and sunshine. I need to get back to work now. Sometimes big-breaks kill the whole motive of a break. But good this happened, made me see a lot, learn a lot.

Meanwhile, I am meeting Nish tomorrow. I am planning to start my edit toorrow. Cheers :)

'Ram Ram' India!

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