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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

At home...

I am at home in a state of 'total rest'. I have all the time in the world to think, to watch, to waste. So, I thought why not use this precious 'gold' with some care. So from now on, one film per day, one upload per day (write up) and some reading everyday.

I feel really lucky to be having this phase of nothingness, which is refreshing. I don't know when will I get a similar break next.
(I must thank Sambit here, for inspiring me with his daily blog 'Rozana'!



Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Terrific!! So ab roz kuch sone ki chamak hamem bhi dikhegi! :)

By the way, my blog's name is 'Rozaanaa' :)

kshatriya harish singh said...

Apologies for the spelling mistake :)