The race

I stand at the crossroads,
looking at all the 4 directions,
offering me a good position in the race.

Do I need to analyse so much?
Do I need to make a 5-year plan?
It is all about instincts I guess,
I take the road which suits me the best now,
I take the road which I like.
It's all about the heart.

There are people who talk of the race,
let them.
I don't like the idea of races,
the won who comes first is called a 'winner'.
But what about the others who worked equally hard,
what do you call them?
Are you serious?

I think the only parameter which guides your pace,
is TIME,
stronger than any of your opponents,
stronger than the race itself.

So I go for the road which I like,
I think it's not about which road I take,
but it' all about how I perform on any road,
That's the race, I guess...
Racing against myself!

(Photo by Marti Liebermann. Original pic:


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Martin Liebermann
I am really sorry Martin. I will just do that. Thanks for reminding.


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