My worlds, my life

We talk of so many lives in one world,
But little do we talk of so many worlds in one life.
I live in diverse worlds, in the same life.

One world has my house, my parents, and memories.
Then there’s one which has my love, my friends and places and people I miss.
There’s my college, my dreams of a job or two or more,
Then there’s a world of good things I have done,
Then there’s one which has all the embarrassing moments of mine.
There’s a world which I want to be in, and there are a few I hate to be in,
Some worlds start and end in a moment, some last a lifetime, or may be further.
Some worlds I want to leave behind and move ahead,
Some I want to enter with smiles.
Some worlds which are pure nostalgia, enclosed in those old photo albums.
All different and wide apart, but my worlds.
I can’t divide these worlds by drawing lines,
In fact one leads magically into another.

I am presently traveling from Delhi to Ahmedabad,
From one world to another.
There are journeys which introduce me to worlds which were always there,
But I never saw them.
Loving these journeys, taking me from one world to another,
All in one LIFE…

(Wrote this in Ashram Express, journey from Delhi to Ahmedabad, Oct 2011.)


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