Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...and I kept walking!

I kept walking, as I saw and felt things,
I kept walking,
Looking at them,
Seeing them,
Being lost in those things,
I kept walking.

That wall of that bungalow next to the road,
Which was waiting for a listener to listen to its story,
Of how people admired the big house it protected,
But no one noticed the job the wall was doing protecting the house.
I wanted to stop, and talk to the wall,
I wanted to listen to its sad story,
But then, I had my own journey to finish,
I kept walking.

That weak stray dog looked at me with hope,
His eyes had pain, hunger and tears.
It wanted to tell me, that it was not food he wanted.
What he wanted was love, just love.
The tail wagged in a request.
I wanted to stop and pat on his head.
I wanted to sit down and smile at him.
But then, I had my own journey to finish.
You see, I kept walking.

This big tree next to the road.
It stood there with its huge trunk,
With so many birds living on it,
With that little cycle shop in its shade,
With no one looking at the tree at all.
I wanted to stop and give the old tree a BIG HUG.
I wanted to tell the tree how important it is.
But then, I had my own journey to finish.
I kept walking.

I finished my journey,
I sat down, had a sip of water, wiping the sweat off my forehead.
But what was the point finishing this journey?
What was the point not doing things I wanted?
I took a deep breath and got up to walk,
This time, in the opposite direction,
To hug the big tree,
To pat the weak stray dog,
And lean on the wall and listen to it.
It is now that I am walking…


Dipankar D. Sengupta said...

very nice!

kshatriya harish singh said...

Thanks :)

neha negi said...

i like the thought <3

Ankita said...

very good. i always like the use of simple words for saying something big :)

kshatriya harish singh said...

Thanks Ankita :)


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