Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mbithec diaries

This is a write up which featured in MBICEM's newsletter (my graduation college). Mbithec was the theatre group we had there. Our group started it and it is still going strong. Here we go...

Mbithec Diaries

“O re Chik chik, Chik o re sa…”
The theatre group from MBICEM had taken part in the Inter-college Street play competition in Dilli Haat. This was when we were in the old campus at Nizamuddin. The group realized in Dilli Haat that before doing a great play, they have to be a GROUP first. A theatre group anthem was necessary.
We had this breathing exercise where we would stand in a circle and say O re chik chik, chik or re saa. We composed, we sang it together and the journey started. We did not win at Dilli Haat, but Mbithec was born.
Mbithec was nothing else but MBicem Theatre Club.

“…Dekho humko, ayega maza…”
We had decided to meet four times every week at 8 am. We would come early and continue doing things which was more of fun and nothing else. We invented games and exercises and we kept having fun. None of us knew how theatre groups rehearse, but we would work very hard and in the process learn things. We started taking part in other college fests and we were winning.
Mbithec was shining.

“Saas manga, saas manga re…”
After three years of having fun and establishing the theatre group, we did not realize that we had created this culture called Mbithec. We were all very sad while passing out of MBICEM. But we were proud to know that our juniors continued with the tradition of ‘having fun’.
Wishing them all the luck.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The sketch of questions

So when I sit back and go through the books and thoughts I was lost in, it is quite crazy! I happened to be stuck in situations which kept making me question the unquestionable!
Questioning someone is a good thing, but before you reach the stage of questioning, you nee to know the data really. You see, it is always nice to know the facts well. It won't help you win an argument or a debate, it just helps you grow.
When in Ahmedabad I came across this book called 'Debating Gandhi' which is quite an interesting read. It is a nice compilation by A. Raghuramaraju. It consists of essays by known scholars, Gandhians or anti-Gandhians. but nice read it is. There is a chapter called 'The assassination of Gandhi' which talks and questions the killing of Gandhi. Was killing him the ultimate thing? Raghuram Ghodse or nathuram Ghodse as we know him, was a very educated Hindu himself. Hailing from Pune, a konkanastha Brahman took up this job of killing the 'Father' of the nation. But why did you need to kill him? Killing someone would never make Ghodse's case heard. Killing or ending a life is any way a crime, whether you like Gandhi or not!

The very moment I was reading this book in NID, I got a request from this senior to help him in his diploma film's document. The film is based on the 2002 Godhra riots! Think of Gandhi's time, and think of 2002, and you think Man has grown? Not exactly. It is very disturbing to see how politics at the basic stage is eating us up, is scary.

So, I came back to Mumbai, all full with such stories of misery. And I walk with all these questions and doubts in my doubts which have little or no clarifications.

This sketch is what I made on a nice day with things coming out of my mind. There's food in the pan and there is water in the glass, but how do I eat when my head is served at the table itself? How do we eat then? (Not to forget the Jodhpuri elephants I have on my kurta, fill up my mind and the sketch!)

What is sad is that these questions have no answers, but what's good is the fact that there are questions. I will get back to you... Cheers :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SAPNAY- the music video n the story behind!

So the story behind this video is slightly funny. This is how it goes...

We were taking part in the '48 hour music video competition' at Kala Ghoda arts festival. They gave us a song and asked us to go and shoot n edit a video in 48 hours.
So, Sangram, Sukriti were all set and we shot, animated and edited this video. But our house (in Jogeshwari ) was quite far from the venue (Colaba). So in the process of fighting traffic jams and other related issue we were 2 hours late. And our video was never accepted!

So, here it is- the music video we came up with. We thank all our actors...and all of us too! (Sukriti, Sangram and me- we were the JOINT effort!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


"...Abey cheeni chahiye yar!"
Shouted Vishwajeet. It was about 11:30 at night and I was not sure whether there would be shops open. We were both working and all of a sudden we had this wild craving for chai. It was mid monsoon, and Mumbai was happy showering its pleasures on its people. I looked out, it was still raining.
So we took our umbrellas and started searching in the darkness. The shops close to our house had shut down, so we had to contemplate about the next option and we continued walking. After searching for about half an hour we came to this shop, which was about to shut down.

Vishwajeet saw it in time and in no time, we had got a kg of sugar. The shop shut and we walked back to our place with joy.
I can cook most of the edible things but when it comes to chai, I always like someone else to do it for me. Vishwajeet's room is right next to the kitchen. He took the sugar inside the kitchen and I went and started working in my room, waiting for the chai. We were both working for about an hour, with no one talking (which is quite common at my place). Meanwhile, all excited about the chai, I made this sketch on my notebook. but still it wasn't there!
I got up and walked to the next room, and there was Vishwajeet fast asleep, with the lights on. I felt bad, that there would be no chai. I did not want to have it alone, even I was sleepy. I would have had it with Vishwajeet, his humuor adding to the other reasons having chai.
I walked up and switched off the light.
"Yaar kal peete hain...aaj thak gaye!" (Let's have it tomorrow. We are tired today)
Spoke Vishwajeet from his bed. I smiled and agreed. It was late.
I switched off.

'Ram Ram' India!

Bajju, Rajasthan. 9 pm In Bajju, every morning I wake up for chai and smile at strangers, who break their 'Being strangers' tag ...