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Mbithec diaries

This is a write up which featured in MBICEM's newsletter (my graduation college). Mbithec was the theatre group we had there. Our group started it and it is still going strong. Here we go...

The sketch of questions

So when I sit back and go through the books and thoughts I was lost in, it is quite crazy! I happened to be stuck in situations which kept making me question the unquestionable!
Questioning someone is a good thing, but before you reach the stage of questioning, you nee to know the data really. You see, it is always nice to know the facts well. It won't help you win an argument or a debate, it just helps you grow.
When in Ahmedabad I came across this book called 'Debating Gandhi' which is quite an interesting read. It is a nice compilation by A. Raghuramaraju. It consists of essays by known scholars, Gandhians or anti-Gandhians. but nice read it is. There is a chapter called 'The assassination of Gandhi' which talks and questions the killing of Gandhi. Was killing him the ultimate thing? Raghuram Ghodse or nathuram Ghodse as we know him, was a very educated Hindu himself. Hailing from Pune, a konkanastha Brahman took up this job of killing the 'Father' of t…

SAPNAY- the music video n the story behind!

So the story behind this video is slightly funny. This is how it goes...

We were taking part in the '48 hour music video competition' at Kala Ghoda arts festival. They gave us a song and asked us to go and shoot n edit a video in 48 hours.
So, Sangram, Sukriti were all set and we shot, animated and edited this video. But our house (in Jogeshwari ) was quite far from the venue (Colaba). So in the process of fighting traffic jams and other related issue we were 2 hours late. And our video was never accepted!

So, here it is- the music video we came up with. We thank all our actors...and all of us too! (Sukriti, Sangram and me- we were the JOINT effort!)


"...Abey cheeni chahiye yar!"
Shouted Vishwajeet. It was about 11:30 at night and I was not sure whether there would be shops open. We were both working and all of a sudden we had this wild craving for chai. It was mid monsoon, and Mumbai was happy showering its pleasures on its people. I looked out, it was still raining.
So we took our umbrellas and started searching in the darkness. The shops close to our house had shut down, so we had to contemplate about the next option and we continued walking. After searching for about half an hour we came to this shop, which was about to shut down.

Vishwajeet saw it in time and in no time, we had got a kg of sugar. The shop shut and we walked back to our place with joy.
I can cook most of the edible things but when it comes to chai, I always like someone else to do it for me. Vishwajeet's room is right next to the kitchen. He took the sugar inside the kitchen and I went and started working in my room, waiting for the chai. We wer…