The Dream on wheels

Every morning,
at the Andheri station as I stand,
I see millions of dreams,
multiple lives, fighting with each other,
over-taking each other,
amidst all the announcements of the trains coming,
I see the train, the shining Local,
all set to accomodate all the dreams inside.
We all jump up on the dream on wheels.
The journey begins...

Each train is a world in its own right,
Full of races,
full of people getting late,
full of noises,
full of illogical jokes people laugh on,
full of the Mumbai I see and know of,
full of ...Life,
There is a reason why are they called the dream on wheels!

As I stand waiting for Bandra to come,
I see a group of people playing music and singing,
these are all religious songs, as loud as the train sounds are,
sung in voices which are absolutely brilliant,
in terms of power and talent.
The train approaches Bandra,
I see them stop singing, packing up,
They are all office goers, who just sing for the time to pass.
Absolutely awesome it is.
As I stand and wonder about these powerful talents,
The dream on wheels leave Bandra.

Every day I see fisher men carrying fish on their head,
standing next to software engineers dressed in formals.
I see students going to college,
standing next to street kids who are confused where to go.
Such is the beauty of this beautiful train journey,
the beauty of a world where all the class differences disappear,
where you do not know whose hand is it holding the bar upon ur head,
is it a rich business man or is it just a fisherman,
and the Dream on wheels continue.

The speed at which the train moves is awesome,
that is the reason why people prefer it to any road transport.
There are random tales which people tell,
and surprisingly there are unknown listeners,
so the conversation goes on,
from Sachin Tendulkar's retirement to the Delhi rape case,
from the workers' strike last week to anything,
it just goes on and on and the train stops.
There are no business cards exchanged,
no phone numbers being told,
People just leave withot even saying a bye.
Strange friendship which happens everyday,
with new faces with the same old topics.
Such is the story on Dreams on wheel since ages.

The trains have been the pulse of Bombay,
in an unknown way of life, they teach you everything,
everything from adjusting to compromising,
in a city which is proud of its jewel- its PEOPLE!
As I get down at Dadar thinking about the beauty of relationships,
The proud dream on wheels continue.

K. Harish Singh. 1st january 2013.


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