Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Beauty

Sitting in the auto I looked out,
it was raining, with the roads full of people,
getting late for office,
getting later for work, which was anyway ahead of them,
people getting late, as always.

Sitting in the auto, I still looked out,
at the non-stop rain, refusing to stop,
refusing to fight against people getting late,
refusing to inspire people, who were never late.

Sitting in the auto, I noticed the sunlight coming up,
lighting up every nook and corner, still drenched in the rain,
with sun rays as beautiful as ever,
making everything look as good as gold,
but the people kept running, fighting with time.

There were people running against time,
and missing those shiny droplets of rain, getting lost in the sunlight,
there were men and women fleeing in panic,
and I was sure that they had definitely won the race against time,

but they had defiinitely missed seeing the shine around them,
they had missed how scenic the sky looked,
they had missed how beautiful the RAINBOW looked in the sky

Sitting in the auto, I looked out,
at men and women winning their race against time,
but definitely missing their chance to see the beauty which nature offered.

They were happy, I was happier.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The pleasure :)

The play which was more of a dream,
more of an illusion,
which happened and there were smiles everywhere.

There was applause,
and there were so many things which we could learn,
but what could not be described was the feelng on the stage,
when we all bowed down after the play, together,
and we all smiled with our heads bent,
with so much of pride,
such an award that smile was.,
Such joy.

Such pleasure :)

'Ram Ram' India!

Bajju, Rajasthan. 9 pm In Bajju, every morning I wake up for chai and smile at strangers, who break their 'Being strangers' tag ...