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My Banaras Journey (Continued)

5th September,
Amroha, 9:30 pm

The sky right outside the train window looks magical. There are very few or no lights at all, so I get to see the sky with most of the starts in the sky. These are stars which I have just seen once in my life, in the  Andhra sky in my father's village long ago. I look into the same sky and it takes me back into time, years ago.
Times have changed, I have changed, but what hasn't changed are the skies and the beautiful stars.
Like the stars, there is some twinkling of the Fireflies, which adds so much more to the visual. This journey is just marvellous. :)

Muradabad, 10:15pm

Finally, I have started liking these two guys sitting with me. They are quite happy at the fact that I am a South Indian and I speak in such good Hindi. Happiness.
Meanwhile, I try and catch their accent, which is more interesting. They have begun introducing Banaras. Excited I am!

(to be continued...)

Banaras... Phase 1

The recent trip to Banaras (Varanasi) is been recorded in my diary entries. here we go...

5th September '13
Simbhala, UP, 8:35 pm

I am entering the interiors of UP, which I always wanted to do. Staying in Delhi does expose me to a lot of UPites, but when it comes to UP itself, no one else can replace UP itself. I just wanted to get a hint of the journey of the the way changed from the British United Province to the Hindustani Uttar Pradesh...both UP's.
'Trying' to get the UP accent is quite different from 'Getting' it. This is so peculiar, so effortless, so beautiful.

There are different accents across India.  It is true that India has 18 languages, which is quite a lot for a nation. But what is stranger is the no. of  dialects which this nation has. They say that every 40 kms, the dialect changes, which makes the land multi-cultural and diverse.

For instance, one one hand I have this guy in my compartment from Banaras, who is extra respectful and on the other h…

My One liners :)

It was half past midnight in my watch, half past mid-night in yours... Yours had crossed 12 and was sad... mine was still waiting for 1...all hopeful! 

Monsoon travel diaries

And it was just any other monsoon with the same old stories of a somewhat 'Early' monsoon and I don't know what all. What was new for me was that I was in back in Delhi fter ages... having spent a nice and 'full' monsoon last year at Mumbai. I had worked hard there and was slightly confused whether is it fool-proof to start something new in a city which is famous for all the wrong reasons, or should I say, is notorious.
What happened was not a part of my plan.

The films on which I had worked last year as an AD (Assistant Director) had begun to release now, when I was in Delhi. When in Mumbai, I could not see a glimpse of anything of this. What I had seen always and still believe in is the fact that one should work hard for TODAY and forget everything else.
First came BOMBAY TALKIES, where I was assisting Dibakar Banerjee, and I was the Da (Director's Assistant), then came out SHIP OF THESEUS (by Anand Gandhi), where we had all worked very hard and never knew w…