Saturday, February 22, 2014


Puthur, (between Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore): Loving the food, watch or for more :) I like the fact that Kamaan has a boy who works at some cafe, another boy who earns from dance, a couple of students who teach tuitions, all this doing with doing the present play at Kamaan, which is beautiful. Ho Kamaan :) Loving the awesome telugu food (attus/ dosas, idlis and the awesome vadas. Heavenly!) Loving every part of this village, it is just beautiful, plain beautiful. Writing Gokul :) I am loving every bit about it. ..........................................

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

A new journey

5:05 am It has been a nice morning to freedom. Madella has been dead for a long time. RIP Balu Mahenndra and the country has been busy with wars on Telengana I too have been sadly busy with those disputes. Yesterday, on Valentine's the MP's have clashed in the Parliament, in households busy with little disputes. I have been losing consciousness on issues which I have been losing on issues which I have been losing on, which are not mine. I got an ambulance to home and Ma and Tushar got it home. Meanwhile, I have questions to doctors and nurses and they have supposed answers to me. We have been moving positively in a direction positively! We are moving for a vacation to the south with dad, for a shoot, with dad, and re-working on my memory and on a play. All cool!

'Ram Ram' India!

Bajju, Rajasthan. 9 pm In Bajju, every morning I wake up for chai and smile at strangers, who break their 'Being strangers' tag ...