Wednesday, April 22, 2015

That dog...

I saw this dog, always in the lane.
My friends from Hong Kong came and spoke to it in Cantonese/ Chinese,
the dog wagged its tail happily.
One fine day, I had a walk with my Dutch friends,
who patted on the dog's head, in the same lane.
They told it something in Dutch, and I didn't get a word,
but the dog still wagged its tail, with happiness.
One evening, I had a walk with my Kashmiri friends,
and they spotted the dog too.
They said something in Kashmiri, and I obviously did not get a word again.
But surprisingly, the dog still wagged its tail.
I kept getting friends from various backgrounds, languages and regions,
the dog kept wagging tail.

I kept getting my answers as the dog kept wagging its tail,
and kept spreading love,
irrespective of language, nationality, region or any boundary.

I got all my answers.
That dog silently answered...


In search of 'me', I travel the universe, I realise that 'me' is, when I actually see the 'others'