Sunday, December 10, 2017



I wrote them randomly,
the dictator called them 'Sense-less'.

I wrote them in a rhyme.
the dictator called it a 'Stupid song'.

I kept writing them effortlessly,
times changed, the dictator changed.

The first part was called a STORY,
and the second, a POEM.

I realised that it was not the dictator's fault,
just my doubts on myself!

Dictators will come and go,
but I should not stop writing.
People will like it or not.
I should not stop expressing.
I should keep on 'PLAYING' with words,
A lovely game.

Isn't it?

'Ram Ram' India!

Bajju, Rajasthan. 9 pm In Bajju, every morning I wake up for chai and smile at strangers, who break their 'Being strangers' tag ...