"Yes, Affirmative!"

The morning with that soothing sunrise,
good enough to bid the sleepy eyes goodbye,
asks me a simple question,
'are you ready for the war?'

I get up and answer,
'yes, affirmative'!
Morning laughs and says,

I make up my mind and start the day.

That distant college through a bike ride,
those colleagues with shaky hugs and kisses.
That subject which i don't like,
that teacher with a frown set right.

I ask myself,
"Are you sure?"

The noon with the sun overhead,
trying to push me back to those sleepy eyes.
The labs with that stunned darkness, ask me the question again,

"Are you sure?"

i think again and i search for the answer deep inside,
it is still,

i lie down on the bed those questions again,
the words 'affirmative' and 'yes' ask me again,

"Are you sure?"

i don't say a thing,
i close my eyes and look back at those bike rides to college,
those shaky hugs and kisses, and wonder,
that it is great to have friends always!

I look back at that subject and the teacher, and i wonder,
I am lucky to have one person who wants me to move ahead!
I look back at the overhead afternoon sun, and i wonder,
I am fortunate to have the power right above my head.

I look back at those dark labs, and realise how i loved the light after that.

With my eyes still closed, i hear the question from the night,

"Were you ready for the day today?

i take a deep breath,
and going off to sleep,
i reply softly.



nishtha said…
hmmmm......vry nice!!
kriti and roma- thank u for those adjectives. :)

nishtha- hoo ha ha :P

Have you been doing drugs?!

to inscrutable indian- "Yes, affirmative!"

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