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Happily trapped!

Gurgaon, 3rd June, 2020. I had been trapped! No, I am not talking about the lockdowns. But it is the inner journeys, which the lockdowns have been sending me into. This January, I returned from Mumbai, with a simple plan of spending some time at home at Gurgaon. But I started enjoying this time with my parents. In fact, I thought I will re-look at my self before I travel out of home. But Co-vid stuck us  and the whole world stopped breathing for a while. But did it stop breathing, or it actually started breathing,! We have been listening to a lot of similar news stories, about nature being restored. And I am sure you too are am bored of it now. Nature is not everything which I see outside, but nature is what made me. One thing which I re-learnt in this break was Yoga. It was not just some stretching exercise, but a beautiful extension of the meditation. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, JOGA, the addition or the combination. It was a lovely combination of my two lives
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8:30 am, Sunday. Hyderabad. Winters in the north are cold. But I am loving the pleasantness of the winters in Hyderabad. This is a major part of so many better things for me. I will be sharing ten points of positives, the city's moderate weather is offering me. Let's begin: 1.  Weather is always a great thing in life, in general Before Hyderabad, I was in New Delhi. It is known for its extreme weather. Weather is like a lovely background music tune, which influences all the things in the foreground.  At least that is what it does for me. The lovely, cosy breezy evenings are pushing me to work well. To say the least, they are pushing me to think more, and I am loving it 2.   Comfortable weather has improved m y reading  I was always a voracious reader. But off late, the lockdown and my abrupt shifting to this city, had taken me away from this beautiful habit. But one thing which is pushing me back to this, is again the lovely weather. The amazing Hyderabad breeze, straight from


 Hyderabad,  January 1, 2021. 7:30 am First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a happy 2021. It is the early hours of 2021, a year which is turning out to be a 'major year' in my life. But how? Let's try dissecting  this term. Talking about all the advices which have come my way, in 2020, I have realised that the word 'Advice' is a misnomer and has to be very carefully handled. THE IDEA OF ADVICES We all know this fact that 2020 has been sad and negative and all those things. And with this thought process, came the strong advices to me that I had to follow about COVID. Most of the advices about health have been good and helpful. Be it the new word 'Mask' or the newer term, 'Social-Distancing'. But looking at the circumstances, I have definitely lost some dear ones this year, and hence, they have taught me a lot. In this case, advices were not spoken by a human being, but 'ordered' by the celestial power ruling us. A power which has a

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