Latest Poem!

Happily trapped!

Gurgaon, 3rd June, 2020. I had been trapped! No, I am not talking about the lockdowns. But it is the inner journeys, which the lockdowns have been sending me into. This January, I returned from Mumbai, with a simple plan of spending some time at home at Gurgaon. But I started enjoying this time with my parents. In fact, I thought I will re-look at my self before I travel out of home. But Co-vid stuck us  and the whole world stopped breathing for a while. But did it stop breathing, or it actually started breathing,! We have been listening to a lot of similar news stories, about nature being restored. And I am sure you too are am bored of it now. Nature is not everything which I see outside, but nature is what made me. One thing which I re-learnt in this break was Yoga. It was not just some stretching exercise, but a beautiful extension of the meditation. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, JOGA, the addition or the combination. It was a lovely combination of my two lives

Collector Sahab!

Delhi Monsoon, 2012 It was July afternoon in Delhi, and the monsoons had just started entering this part of the world. My young theatre group had begun to take shape. It had been roughly 6 months and the group had been rehearsing well. It was near the Supreme Court area, and we spoke about getting the group registered in this area. It was not a long procedure to get the name registered. The name was ‘Rang-manch’ which we wanted to go ahead with. A registration under some societies and voluntary organisation act would make it free for us to perform in any professional auditorium in the city. It would create a legal space in minds for ‘Rangmanch’. My group had majorly all young people, most of which were students. I took Sahil and Neha to roam around the courts. Sahil seemed to know some lawyer from the supreme court. Though the lawyer was a young man like me, but he had some airs about himself. Afterall, he was a young Supreme court lawyer. But thanks to Sahil’s old friendship, he d

My Time Travel!

9:45 am, Jorhat. Dulumoni ji got me my first cup of 'Laal-chai' (Black tea) and I started sipping it with ease. This is one of the few things which life in north-east has started teaching me. I am grateful! I have always loved reading books which take me to an era which I have always like to live. This era had always fascinated me. Though I would not imagine myself to be one of the heroes. I would imagine was during the time when the British ruled in India. I would always imagine myself as a third person, who would have a normal job during the times. I am presently reading this book: This third person could have been a mute spectator, in the form of a cycle rickshaw puller, or a small shop owner, who has all the time in the world to look at the things happening. Now, as I read the book and know about the British officers establishing themselves in the Indian sub-continent, I come to the present and look at myself. We are presently in the beautiful north-east, appointed

Thank you Stranger

9th March, 22. Jorhat, 11 a.m. Hello readers, It has been a long time, since I uploaded my blog. I have been uploading my video blog, but I am extremely sorry that I did not gather attention to update this medium. So, talking about me,I have been pretty awesome. I wish the same for all of you too. Today I would like to discuss this interesting concept called 'LIFE'. This is in reference to an event which happened recently. I was at Guwahati and was having chai at a tea stall. An old man came in and I made some space for him. He sat down. The man was definitely not rich, neither was he poor. He thanked me and started sipping his chai. He sat down and asked me that was I new in the area? I nodded in a yes. I guess this is where the conversation started. He spoke about his family and his kids and grand-children. I told her about my life too. But she said, son, we are talking about our lives as different entities but are they actually different? I was confused. What kind of a

Why do I write?

Writing has always been something which takes me out of this world. It is an act which is heavenly. I actually travel, sitting on the same seat. It is only when I write, that I realize that our mind is an amazing tool. It is so vast that it can take me to any corner of the universe. It actually disconnects you from your present surroundings and takes you for a celestial travel trip. Lately, I have been reading and traveling at the same time. These are processes which make me write more. For good writing, I need some encouragement, which these two processes provide, happily. I do not think I need any reason for writing. There are times when I write continuously, without a reason, and when I stop to look back, I realise that my writing is making some sense to me. Writing, for me, is the best form of meditation. To go deeper in writing, I would always listen to a long musical track, which I would not have to change. This process would churn out words, which I believe are golden. My re

My trip back HOME!

9:30 a.m., Monday. Jorhat. Fourteen days had passed and we were walking back in this city, which we had left about a fortnight ago. I had been travelling all my life, but there was something which was unique about this trip. Now why was this trip important? When I look into the answer of this question, I find multiple answers. Firstly, I had begun to settle in the north-eastern part of the country and I was loving it. Secondly, we were married and this was our first trip together. Thirdly, this was the first vacation from my job at NID, Assam, and I was really looking forward to going home. But the most important reason being, we had survived this danger of Covid. Many people would not consider this reason that important. But with so many colleagues and relatives losing their lives, I would consider this reason to be the most important. With both of us getting a vaccine very recently, it was a recent good enough to take a Diwali break and celebrate the festival with our fam

The art of knowing VISHWAKARMA, and more!

7:50 om, Jorhat. Hello all. I am sure you are all doing great. I can see that the Ganpati Visarjan is around the corner. I can see that in every message I am getting from relatives back in Hyderabad. But in this very moment, we celebrated a new festival here in Assam. Though it is not very new for the world, but it was new for me. The festival's name was 'VISHWAKARMA POOJA'. We had a pooja in NID, and I definitely saw cars, machines and every machinery getting worshipped in Jorhat. So, I got down to the big question of "WHO ExACTLY WAS VISHWAKARMA? As I read more about him, I figured out that Lord Vishwakarma, was the lord who created the universe. According to Hinduism, he was an architect, who created various planes of the universe. In fact he was also the son of 'VASTU'. 'Vastu-shatra' became an important study, which Indians follow to figure out 'How and where to live'. In many aspects, it is an Indian equivalent of the Chinese Feng shui.

Life, post wedding!

8:00 a.m., Jorhat It is a lovely Sunday morning. Just had lovely chai with Vartika. This Sunday morning chai with Vartika, has suddenly taken a new meaning for me. I am not exaggerating. It all started very recently, when we got married, about 6 months ago. I am a different person now, and I must share it with you people. So, what is interesting in this journey is that unintentionally, I am getting support from a partner who is not from my field, but is becoming a part of all the decisions I take in life. I was all alone, all my life, but suddenly , I have a huge extended family, which fills me with lots of love and in the whole process, responsibility. Though we are alone here in this part of the world, but we have our shares of 'hellos' and 'namaste' for the families we call, from both the respective sides. As I was always either too boring, or too occupied to think of doing anything new on my weekends. But now, I have a plan. A plan for the weekend. A plan