From heaven to heaven

Hi blog,
I wrote this poem when our college shifted from nizamuddin to the present location. It was disappointing, when compared to the older one, but i just wanted to force myself to be optimistic. Now we have spent almost 7-8 months here and we have learnt having fun here , shooting here, writing here; living here too. While flipping through my diaries, i found these lines of mine, bringing back memories of that moment; the moment i saw the new campus...
i was disappointed,
trying my best to be optimistc!

(photo: Groovy)

The wind blows,
there are heavy snows,
there's movement everywhere,
but still there's some music in the air.
There are no daffodils,
there are no more lovely hills,
there are numerous problems to scare,
but still, there's some music in the air.
Birds are flying away,
I don't have any friends to play.
I still have a million sorrows to share,
but still, there's SOME MUSIC IN THE AIR...


i love each n every line...

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