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We always notice them,
those shiny little beads,
falling from our eyes.

We see nothing before that,
nothing after that.

We never see the hurt eyebrows,
coming close to each other, contracting in space,
making the eyelids blink more.
What we always see,
are just those shtiny little beads,
called TEARS.

We never see the tragic frown,
formed on the forehead,
trying its best to hide the sadness.

What we always see,
are those shiny little beads,
called TEARS...

We never see the Adam's apple,
moving up and down,
fighting with the choked feelings,
trying its best not to show
those shiny little beads
called TEARS.

We see them flow out
from the edge of the eyelids,
flowing down in a line,
those shiny little beads
called TEARS.

But we never see the pale cheeks
carrying them,
which were red cushions because of smiles,

Do we see them
Those pale cheeks?

We never see the brave jawline,
on whose edge,
those beads balance themselves,
and then fall off,
disappearing into memories,
fading out
Do we see them?
That brave jaw-line?

We just …

ek-rekher of the day!

we all know everything...except the act of saying 'I don't know'!"

ek-rekh-er (one liner) of the day

'Wish I had a camera, everytime i saw beauty!'


Sometimes, things in life are so well planned that you are left in awe of the 'person' who's designed it...

Last friday was 14th August. It was Janmashtmi, the day of MATKI-PHOD!

I had never been a part of the brave pyramid which tried breaking the Matki, tied metres above the ground level. This year,for the first time, I joined in. The place was just under my hostel and the people in the pyramid were young men like me.

It was fun...
Holding each other tightly to make a good base... standing on shoulders with unbalanced expectations... heavy drops of water falling from the sky, shaking the pyramid every now and then... all of us falling down and rising again...
It was fun!

We all started with it at around 11pm, and by 12 I was tired, hurt and exhausted. But still, there was something, which drove all of us to get up and try again.
May be it was the MATKI, or may be, it was just the fun of climbing up and falling down, with smiles we will remember for the rest of our lives!

We …

THE FIRST RIDE- a short story

“Get up boy, it’s 6:30 already!”

Shouted Pa. Vivek hated this line from Pa more than he hated the alarm clock. It was a pleasant Saturday morning, the fifth day of Vivek’s summer break from school.

With eyes half closed and feet trying to balance his body, Vivek reached the window. With his left hand he pushed it open. The lovely morning breeze entered Vivek’s hair. It refreshened him enough to open his eyes. The very smell of that breeze brought him back memories of his last summer vacation, when he was in class 3rd- going out for morning walks, watching ‘Disney Hour’, lying down on the floor with the cooler throwing ‘fresh’ droplets of water on his face, having those sweet yellow mangoes in the evening, playing cricket with one-tip-one-hand rules and...

“Vivek, you still not up? You’ll have to complete your ‘cycling’ thing today!”

Pa shouted again with a volume good enough to break those happy summer diaries of Vivek.


Yes, that was one thing Vivek was trying to learn from the …


When do we sleep?
When do we get up?

What are dreams?
The ones we see while being asleep
or the ones we reach out for when are awake?
What are dreams?

What is peace?
The feeling of going deep into slumber
or that satisfying smile after helping a poor soul.
What is peace?

What is comfort?
When we lie down on a flat surface to close our eyes after a tiring day
or when we stand up and stretch after sitting on the same chair for the whole day?
What is comfort?

Are we asleep while being awake
or are we awake ahile being asleep?

The music which hums in the space,
is it because of the peaceful night,
or because of the feeling of succeeding in a day of HARDWORK?

What is more scary?
The nightmares we see while being asleep,
or the feeling of being LOST in a world where everyone KNOWS you?

We sleep to take a break from being awake,
and we wake up as we are TIRED of sleeping!

When do we sleep?
When do we get up?

When do we sleep...