Monday, August 17, 2009


Sometimes, things in life are so well planned that you are left in awe of the 'person' who's designed it...

Last friday was 14th August. It was Janmashtmi, the day of MATKI-PHOD!

I had never been a part of the brave pyramid which tried breaking the Matki, tied metres above the ground level. This year,for the first time, I joined in. The place was just under my hostel and the people in the pyramid were young men like me.

It was fun...
Holding each other tightly to make a good base... standing on shoulders with unbalanced expectations... heavy drops of water falling from the sky, shaking the pyramid every now and then... all of us falling down and rising again...
It was fun!

We all started with it at around 11pm, and by 12 I was tired, hurt and exhausted. But still, there was something, which drove all of us to get up and try again.
May be it was the MATKI, or may be, it was just the fun of climbing up and falling down, with smiles we will remember for the rest of our lives!

We got down to work again, 10 people at the base, 6 on them, 3 on the third level and one man would go for the final blow! It was equally tough and more painful. But all of a sudden, I heard someone shout,
The phrase, changed everything. Between that mixture of men, mud, water and sweat, strange visuals crossed my mind.

I could visualise millions of youngsters throwing away their books and families just to join a struggle against an empire, which was as unapproachable as the MATKI above our heads. I could relate to their joy of making similar 'pyramids' with millions of hearts and stories!

My shoulders and my back ached because of the burden of men above me, but those visuals kept me still. It was magical! Such a magical co-incidence, that at the stroke of that midnight, i witnessed the pain and pleasure of that 'struggle'.

At 2:00 am, we finally broke the MATKI. We conquered it! When the MATKI broke, the whole pyramid collapsed. But this collapse, unlike the previous ones, had no pain. It had madness. We all jumped and danced, I hugged people whom I had never met before that moment. But it was that proud moment of 'WE' doing it, and not 'me' or 'you'

Out of nowhere, I could see those 'independence' visuals again. The people who had made that brave pyramid, 62 years ago, are no more with us.
We call them HEROES today. But we have started forgetting that big pyramid and the joy of breaking that big MATKI called independence was celebrated on this very land.

I guess it's time to make some new pyramids, as we have some new MATKIs waiting to be broken...

I am in! Anyone Game?


Hari Prasad said...

Harish, Loved the analogy in the post.

I am GAME too, bro! :)

Happy Independence Day! :)

-A Proud Indian

kshatriya harish singh said...

Miles to go, before we sleep, Hari


nishtha said...

As usual...amzing!;-)

kshatriya harish singh said...

thanks :)


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