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Not many people were excited when I told them that I was leaving for Lothal. They said it's a boring place, with nothing, just a few broken structures. That's it!

That's it?

I reached the digging site at around 12pm. It was hot. I kept standing there.

As a student of class 6th, I had studied about the Indus Valley civilisation for the first time. For the first time, I came across the names of the cities Mohen-jo-daro, Dholavira and Lothal. It was a magical world. A civilisation, which was one of the first in the world. Extremely well-planned and advanced. Two of these cities were in Gujarat. I had never lived in Gujarat and I had no relative from the state. So, these places, for me were as exciting and as adventurous as a fairyland...may be like Antarctica or the Egyptian pyramids. Harappa culture was quite far from me, or at least that's what my NCERT said!

I kept standing there. It was hot and the site looked beautiful. Exactly the way it looked in my class 6 NCERT book.…


It is just a 30 second advertisement fim. Just 30 secs. We take almost 50 seconds to open our eyes properly after a night's sleep. And this ad- just 30 seconds!

But still so many doubts, tensions... VISUALS.I am enjoying it. Going to hospitals to look for the location. I have always loved the process of looking for locations. You imagine, then you follow this hit-and-trial method to check if there's actually a location which is similar to your imagination!

Let's see if there's one. Afterall, it's just about those 30 seconds!


(I wrote this sitting on my berth in Ashram Express from Delhi to Ahmedabad. I was tired, but still I wanted to be up! I didn't want to sleep, but still I enjoyed the phase of not-doing-anything!)

Yeh khuli aankhen, dekhen dhundla,
har saans kahe ek kahani thakaan ki.

Palken maano ho chattano se bhaari,
Kaaya ab lage mitee hui si.

Iss nidra ke kya kehne,
ab andhera lage behtar, ujaale se!