Monday, April 19, 2010

Home's heaven and that couple is GOD!

Now this is amazing.

I reached home last week, and it was worth the wait, the journey and the tiredness.

There's this special smell or should i say 'aroma' of home, that the moment I entered I knew what heaven was.

This state of rest is soothing. You get to eat food, which you have had/admired/loved all your life. This is the place where you are protected (in many ways). And then the best part- You get to live with those two people who love you the most- the couple which the world knows as your PARENTS!

Like all good things, this too would end. I am leaving for work the next week, but I am busy collecting memories, so that when I am at away, I can can look at those memories and feel the heaven!

Ah, i smell good food. Dinner time!


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Shweta said...

hey thnks fr voicing wat most of us feeel!!!!!.. keep writing..


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