Friday, July 16, 2010

What, where, how!

I switch on my computer, open a new word document and start thinking. I think how to start. I type, I think again I type...

It's time for my fiction film. There's a concept, an idea. There are characters, MY characters. Their lives will move the way I want. But at the end, they're all thoughts. At the end, it's not about their lives, it's just a film!

I look around, for inspiration, for people, for actions which my characters would take up. There's a lot happening, both inside and outside. I feel I need to stop, take a deep take a breath.

The characters are tired too. They are tired, they ask for some water. I give them. But the thoughts continue.

I talk to a friend, narrate the concept to him. I share my mind with him. It's tough! I am talking about visuals which I would create. I am helping him see images which are not there. He tries his best. His inner world tries to accept my world, through a common worl in which we live. It's complicated! At the end, they are just thoughts.

These are visuals which I can see. Trying my best to bring them on screen. I know the words, I just need to make the right sentence.

I type, I think again... I type...

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