Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's where God is...

That early morning breeze which reminds me of all the childhood memories,
that glass of cold water which I hold after spending a hot afternoon,
that's where I see God.

That fire I touch on a chilly winter night,
that deep breath I take after a tensed moment,

that 2-minute nap I take after hours of hard work,
that brilliant idea I get sometimes get, out of no where,
that is where, I see God.

That chair I get to sit, after standing for long,
that peace I get once I close my eyes,

that appreciation I get from a stranger, when I need it the most,
those accidents which take place, where I never get hurt,
that is where, I see God.

Those moments when an unknown stray dog showers love on me,
when my lips make a circle to say 'Om',

those people I meet whom I wasn't supposed to meet,
that love with which a mother looks at her new-born,
that is where, I see God.

That sound of the serene flowing river,
tha sight of that beautiful mountain,

that wet smell of the rains,
the sun rays touching my face on a chilly winter morning,
that is where, I see God.

That point when the waves touch your feet on the sand,
that altitude from where you can see the 'world'

that music which makes you 'high',
that beauty which makes your day,
that is where, I see God.

That point when you hold hands with the person you love,
that moment when a father hugs his son with tears of pride,

that pen which I find, when I desperately want to write,
that is where, I see God.

That is where, I see God.
I don't see him in communities, not in the rituals,

I see him when happiness,
makes a liquid flow out of my eyes.

That's what God is...


nishtha said...

Special comment from mom ( Rashmi Paliwal)
My mom loved it hari!

prakash said...

straight frm heart!! amazing!


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