Sometimes I get these wierd questions,
whose answers I know,
but I still don't know.

Who am I?
I know my name,
my existence but what more than that?
Am I the body, the soul, the thoughts
or am I just a collection os fome energy?

Is it when I breathe that I live,
or is it when I think that I exist?

Would I still be called 'me' once I leave the body,
or will I stop thinking after I die?

Where am I?
Is this world really huge?
or is it just a minute layer, a small part of that
HUGE structure that we can't see?

Does our world end where we stop seeing,
hearing or feeling?
Or are there more layers,
deeper and invisible, unheard and unexplored?

Do the stars I see in the sky are a part of the same layer?
or is it some distant layer?

They say they don't know
where the universe ends,
but do they know where does it begin?

Am I a part of the universe,
or is the other way round?

Is the universe a part of me?

What do I do?

When I live life, do I plan it?
Or is it already a part of a bigger plan?

I do things I love, I love things I do,
but am I the only one who decides?
Is there something more powerful?
Something deeper?

Where do I go when I dream?
Is it truly sub-conscious?
Or is it some other world?

Do I see the dreams?
Or do the dreams see me?

What are relationships?
Are they just scientific bonds,
which for by default?

Or are they something deeper?

Do these bonds go deeper with age?
Or is it just a matter of chance?

If A=B, then is B=A?
If a mother loves her son so much all her life,
then why doesn't the son love his mother equally,
all his life?

These equations are interesting,
these questions are more interesting.
May be I'll get the answers,
may be I won't.

May be, I like these questions UNANSWERED!


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