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The Rann Story: a travelogue (Contd.)

Chapter-2The space4th May 2010, KharaghodaAfter a long walk, we reached our location. It was blank. Absoutely bank! The only thing which I could see cleary was the horizon An infinite, wide horizon which had stories to tell, stories which it had seen. The strong sound of the breeze constantly made me realise that there’s no one here-no people, no vehicles, no city, no village… just the salty sand, the wide horizon and the strong breeze.We stood there watching it for sometime. Achint and me looked so small in front of the huge Rann. Or may be, the whole humanity looked so small in front of it. It was powerful. I could sense why people in the older days were scared of travelling too far. They thought that the earth is not round but flat. May be sights like these scared them to travel beyond a certain point. Like them, I could feel that fear again. I asked myself, “Is the earth actually round?”We started looking for space for our sets. Achint was guiding me and I was trying to listen to …