Thursday, December 16, 2010


The coach is pretty cold,
comfortably cold,
lying down on my berth I think

The windows of the train are being closed,
I can't see where I am,
I am not in the city from where I started,
I am not in the city where I have to reach,
I am somewhere in between,

With some music in my earphones,
and a pen and my diary in my hand,
this NO WHERE becomes an experience.

It's the journey which has to be fun,
the people you talk to,
the places you see from the window,
the food you buy from the pantry car,
the rhythmic sounds of the train,

the loud sounds of 'chai',
the slight dance-like movement,
which the train gives you,
the metallic smell of the train,

The rectangular berth which becomes your identity for the rest of the journey,
the sounds of other trains pasing by,
the stupid conversations with fellow passengers,
which teach you more things than
any of 'those' intellectual conversations,

the journey has to be fun,
NO WHERE has to be fun.
Yes, it has to be!

The coach is cold,
comfortably cold,
lying down n my berth,
I think...

( Written during my journey from Mumbai to Hyderabad in the Mumbai-Hyderabad Express.)

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