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हुक्का !

A friend of mine wanted me to write a couplet for an illustration of hers on the 'Sunday market' of Ahmedabad, selling artifacts and vintage stuff...

था जो शाहों-नवाबों की शान को क़ुबूल,
आज बिक रहा है चौक पर वो हुक्का फ़िज़ूल।

Ek-rekh-er! (my one-liners)

Whenever I jumped to CATCH the stars, I didn't realise that I have LEFT the ground!

Hope you 'LIKE' this!

Coming back to my blog after a huge gap. I have been busy shooting my documentary ('Budhan Diaries') , have been working on a play for sometime ('Naam-enclature'), and then did some travelling too.

Feels nice to be back on this space. Over the last few months, the computer has taken another meaning, or should I say, the internet has acquired another meaning.

Every evening, I go back to my hostel room. After freshening up, I sit down on my PC. I switch it on, connect the internet, and the first address which I type is ''! This happens everyday like a default setting. Seriously it does!
After logging on to my account, i check the number of notifications I have. More the number, happier I am. It can be as random as your friend's friend liking your 100 year old picture, or some-sort of a stranger tagging you in a picture in which you are not even properly visible, but ya, it works!
And I am sure this is just not my story. Many people of my age group fee…