Saturday, December 10, 2011


When I see a mad man, it is his mannerisms; it is the way he
eats or talks that is a new show for me. Then I wonder madness is!
What exactly is madness? How do you define madness?
Someone is termed ‘mad’ when he or she stops behaving like
the population. But then can’t this be possible that the population might be
mad and that one person is sane. This is all about perception. Who actually is

Thousands of years ago, when man started, we were all mad,
with no clothes, no plans for the future, no societies and no rules. Then we
started going ‘sane’. We learnt languages, we learnt how to write and we learnt
something which we call today as ‘Culture’. And then we made rules, of eating,
of reading, rules of sleeping, and as a whole, rules of ‘good’ living. We
declared what is right and what is wrong. And we started a race.

The race followed all the rules and we continued to follow
the rules blindly. Today our life is governed by strict rules. We keep
following them because we have learnt to follow, we rarely ask “Why?”… We
started as a mad man, then we became sane and now we are mad again. So, today
being in touch with nature is considered something cool and new, out of our
lives. May be, in a way mad!

Madness is just a perception. Nothing’s wrong or right, it’s
just perception. If the media makes something ‘wrong’ we believe it just
because we follow the media’s perception. When we watch a film some person is
the hero, and someone is the villain. That is the director’s story, his perception
which we watch and enjoy. But in real life, you are the director, so you need
to make your perception. You need to question other perceptions. You need to
know who is madder. In fact, you need to be MAD yourself…

These days, everyone wants to break the rules. That’s the
latest rule. When someone breaks the rules just because he/she wants to break 'the rules, then they are actually not. They are actually following a new rule
called ‘Break the rules’… So, what’s a rule…and how important is breaking it?
If you look at it clearly, you’ll realise that the whole idea of human civilisation
is actually madness. Rules were made to get out of madness and be sane, but now rules have created their own zone of madness, which is miles away from sanity.

We just need to think simple before watching a complex
situation. Being simple is tough these days. But that can also be a kind of

I leave it here for you to ponder upon… and ask what SANAK or madness actually

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