That Young man...

A young man
every day on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Wakes up and
tells his father in Pashto,
“It seems to
be a clear day, no American and Pakistani army vehicles around.”

young man wakes up in Africa, picks up his rifle,
Which is
almost half his body size and is happy
that he did
not have to wake up,
With sounds
of gun shots.
In Swahili,
he mutters “It’s wonderful to wake up in PEACE!”

A tired
young man in Mankulam, Sri Lanka,
lies down in the afternoon, thinking of how
his uncle had killed
that Sri
Lankan soldier who had abused his mother.

That Tibetan
young man hugs his sister,
as she
starts crying at the taste of Thupka,
reminds it of her mom, who was killed by the
soldiers years ago.

That fair
young man in Gaza,
Kneels down
to offer prayers to God,
A God who
had done nothing to help him till date,
The war
still went on with no winners, no losers, no parents,
Israelis everywhere!

Kashmiri young man leaves home early morning,
With a kiss
on his mother’s forehead,
Assuring her
that he’ll be back in the evening.
He’s not
going for war, he’s just going to his college,
But what if
some Indian soldier catches him,
Using the
Special powers Act.
As he cycles
down to college,
He wonders
how FREE towns look like!

All these
young men,
Are not
They are in
fact one young man.
That young
Who has
never felt what FREEDOM tastes like.
That young
man who wants peace,
But is
wondering when will the world understand him.
That young
Who has
heard stories of living ‘happily ever after’,
But never
seen them in real.
That young
Who is much younger
than you and me,
But is old
enough to understand what life and death are.
That young


Very nicely put. Freedom- a concept complex in its simplicity and vice-versa too.

Are the sentence breaks intentional? At places they are too abrupt.
Yes, i tried to put them intentionally!

Thanks :)
baldeep said…
that young man !
simple ..very common notions !

but extremely nicely put ! ur inspiring me to start my blog again ! :D

good going bro !
Thanks Baldeep. Go ahead...start it again... Keep writing. Cheers :)

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