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There was a time when a news bulletin in the evening, on the radio was the most awaited thing for the day. I wasn't born, when such things were prevalent. But similar things continued...

I remember, as a kid, whenever my  family would sit for dinner, we would watch the 9 o'clock news bulletin on Doordarshan. This was an unsaid rule, because there was just one TV channel and you had to go through the national news if you watch TV at 9. And to add to this, my parents were very particular to have dinner at 9, so that we could get to know what's happening in the country.

This made news bulletins a part of our lives. Everyone had an idea of what's happening in the country and the society in general. Friends at school, relatives across towns had common topics to ponder upon. With time, there was cable television and this gave birth to many news channels. The problem with these channels was they were 24*7 news channels. So, they would keep giving us news stories for the whole…

...and I kept walking!

My new short film...

This is a quick journey through many journeys I made in 2011. I tried exploring the split screen format. Enjoy :)