A good hall, a bad movie!

In a recent trip to Mumbai, we came up with a random plan to watch Agneepath. Looking at the way Hrithik Roshan was throwing parties to celebrate the film's first week, I was quite excited for the film.

Eros theater is this single-screened cinema hall in South Mumbai. Yes, SINGLE-SCREEN! There are many things I love about a single-screen movie hall, but what attracts me the most is the size of the screen, and a result, the size of the hall. You look at such halls and you realize why FILM is a BIG-screen medium.
Eros Cinema, Mumbai

Though there are multiplexes coming up with halls with better picture quality and Dolby sound, but when it comes to size, they are not even close to the single-screen halls.
We took a balcony seat. From the balcony I could see the stalls down there and everyone seated in the hall. This is the second thing I love about huge single-screen halls. When you see so many people in the hall, you are glad that you're watching the film with so many people. So, if there's a joke on the screen, you know there were would be so many people who would laugh with you!

The film would be beginning in 5 minutes. I love those ads and trailers which are screened before the film. It is always amazing to watch ads and movie trailers on the big screen. It is so GRAND!

And then began the film...AGNEEPATH...
The first half was good, with good editing, good performances and a good story progressing. I loved the lyrics (by Amitabh Bhattacharya) and the music too (Ajay Atul).
The film
So, in the interval, I was happy both at the awe of the hall and the way the film was progressing. I bought 2 samosas and coke, and again I was back at the seat, all excited about the film.

What I think was the best part of the film was Rishi Kapoor's performance: so effortless, so powerful! And out of no where, with a wierd character his character is wiped off from the film. And that comes as the first blow to the film.

And then begins the fall of Agneepath. A bad story, bad direction, unnecessary characters (Priyanka chopra's character!) and the worst...Hrithik Roshan's dialogue delivery.  I have always hated his dialogue delivery. He ends up eating half of the words and you  end up seeing veins on his face with weird sounds coming out of his mouth.
I was ready to ignore all this and I just wanted a good climax. But, that I think was the worst part of the film...
So, if you want to see how to make a good first half, watch this.
In the middle of 2nd half I was sad that it is not turning out to be a good film, but by the end of the film I was laughing that it was pretty bad.

So, in a way we left the hall HAPPY, admiring the Eros theater.
Long live the Single-screen halls!

PS: The worst moment of the film is when Hrithik Roshan recites Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan's poem 'Agneepath' and you don't get a single word!


Nishtha Paliwal said…
Yeah you are damn right! Agneepath sucks. But Rishi Kapoor's acting is great! :)

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