When you work so hard,
that you don't realise how tired you are.
When you don't eat for a long time,
and you start losing that feeling of hunger.
It is then, that it is all dreamy!

When everything moving around you,
is at a surreal pace.
When you see that people are alive,
just because they breathe together.
It is then, that it is all dreamy!

When you want to SLEEP,
but more than that,
you want PEACE.
A slumber where you know,
that there would be no tensions after waking up.

Here, reality looks like a dream,
a dream, which you are just a part of,
a dream, where your actions won't change anything,
a dream, where being tired is just a state of mind.
It's all dreamy!

It's a race, where everyone is running,
no winners, no losers,
just running!

But it was your choice, your decision,
you chose to run, you enjoyed it.

It is no doubt dreamy,
but you are loving it,

so DREAM ON...


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