Sunday, July 29, 2012

After a long time...

So, I took a huge break. This was not intentional but it just happened. From me getting my knee operated to me getting busy in a shoot to me falling in again, this was not meant to be intentional. It just happened.

But now, I am back in Mumbai (formerly Bombay!). I am back in the chaos which I had left about a couple of months ago. Mid-way, I got ideas to write and I wrote too. But you see, I was too tired to come and put it up on the blog. So now, I am going to post all of those poems and short stories on the blog. Ye :)

And then there is this new book of poems- Well yes, I have developed a new stule of poetry which is kind of unusual (and strange), I'll share poems from that book and your reaction is welcome. t's just strange and weird for now. Thats it!

So there are more plans (short films, photos, short stories etc) which I would be sharing from now on... So, Dear Readers... welcome to my blog...AGAIN  :)


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