Thursday, November 8, 2012

I ask as I sit next to the lake…

This hot summer afternoon, I sit next to the lake,
An artificial lake they made a couple of years ago,
With a massive afternoon in the center,
Cooling everything around,
From the ducks in the lake,
To the breeze around.

I sit there facing the cool droplets hitting on my face,
And I wonder how true the truth is,
How real is the reality?

Are the people who walk around the lake real?
Or is that sweet smell of water falling on the mud more real?
Are the Gods we worship more real?
Than the ‘heroes’ we see on celluloid?
I ask, as I sit next to the lake…

Are the people whom I see every day more troubled,
Than the people I face inside me?
I still wonder who is more real.
Are the smiles around more real?
Than the crying sounds I hear in the background?
I ask as I sit next to the lake…

These are unimportant questions,
coming up from deep inside,
these are doubts which won’t make a difference,
but yeah,
I ask as I sit next to the lake…

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