Sunday, December 16, 2012


In the early morning darkness, all alone,
I wait for light.

With a couple of buses in motion, and an odd taxi on the road,
I sit by that wait for sun-rise,
I just wait for light.

Last night was darker than the darkest,
but some wise man told me to wait for the sunrise.
He said it makes one happy.
The whloe night i have been waiting, checking corners,
waiting for it to glow,
I just wait for light.

There were no spaces to rest,
nor was the will to,
with so many good stories about the sun,
I spend the whole night being awake,
i just wait for light.

They asked me to leave.
They asked me to sleep off.
They offered me money and coupons.
They were all active men of the dark.
But I, just wait for light.

It is so early that it is not even morning yet,
but I can feel it coming.
So dark, that you know that there can be light anytime.
I just wait for light.

The breeze was painfully cold last night,
but suddenly it feels good.
The skies had no indication of light the whole night,
but now, i see some shades of light.
I am tempted to sleep now,
but i don't want to miss the magic.
So with active stray dogs,
and lots of hope,
I just wait for light.
That light...


Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Very nice Harish. Try a Hindi version too. It'd be lovely.

kshatriya harish singh said...

Thanks Sambit. Will try my best :)


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