(This story is an introduction of a series of stories I have been writing, called 'Gokul's Summer Vaccation'. So read and comment. The series would be out (hopefully in print) soon. Enjoy...)

It was a 2 bhk apartment which had four people staying in it. Gokul was one of them sharing the partment.
Gokul Srinivas was new in Mumbai and his search for a job was on. It was just the day before, when he had turned 23. Gokul believed that it was his worst birthday ever. He got calls only from Ma and Pa . All his friends just sent him smses. He would have taken them with happiness, but not on a day when he was frustrated at the situation he was trapped in- A new city- No job- Very expensive!
Gokul entered the room and closed the door behind him. There was some relief for Gokul as his roommate was not home and he had the whole room to himself. Gokul sat on the floor and felt sad at the way things were moving, or not moving at all.
As he was looking around for deviations to enter his life, his eyes stopped at an old framed  photograph. It had his motther, his father and himself. The young 'Gokul' he saw, had no tensions of a job, or of living in a new city. But Gokul wondered that though he did not have any of these pressures, but he was definitely independent and HAPPY.
The image was clicked on his 9th or 10th birthday during the summer vaccations. Yes, the summer vaccations. Amazing they were, always. That was a period Gokul would like to travel back into and live. He just wished that he had a time machine.
Gokul realised that his time machine was waiting for him to be boarded. He took out his diary and started writing. This was the time machine which Gokul always had and was proud of it- WRITING.
With the words he wrote, he started getting into that zone when this Hyderabadi boy was in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. He was in class 4th and he remembered that time really well. He did not know why was he writing these stories. They could be published some day, or even if they were never published, they were giving Gokul a joy which he could not put in words.
With huge amounts of joy and nostalgia, Gokul started writing his re-collection of ... GOKUL'S SUMMER VACCATION.


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