Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Shift!

3rd March 2011 was the day I had reached Bombay and my 'struggle' had just started. So in the last 10 months I have been working day in and day out and I seem to be loving this. I had started working as an intern in Recyclewala films with Anand Gandhi and helped (ran around) in the post production of 'Ship of Theseus'. After this, I joined AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Limitid).
Another journey that was assisting Shlok Sharma and in the group where all film students want to be a part of. Quite an experience as t was also my first feature film, where I was the continuity AD. Taught me a lot of things and I became friends with a huge group of nice people.
I did an ad film and a couple of prjects here and there and I got admission in DBP (Dibakar Banerjee Production) as the DA (Direcor's Assistant) on his new short film which is a part of a bigger feature. The process I am sure was a big learning process for me. But to add to it, Dibakara had got 2 AD's from Delhi. They are actually documentary film-makers whom Dibakar had met in Osian's in Delhi.
So it is only in this process am I able to stop working for a while , take a step back and look at my life. I am working hard, very hard and this has been an awesome experience, but I guess I am somehow missing on the part I loved the most...I am missing documentaries, my theatre, my writing has suffered. And then the biggest thing i miss in Bombay is the political debates we would have before, with random people. When I look at all these things the only city in India which comes to my mind is DELHI!
So the thinking continues. This is a big decision as my parents are neither in Delhi nor in Mumbai. So moving in Delhi would be a tough decision but I like the whole concept of doing Documentaries and theatre, which I had been doing before I had come to mumbai.

So amidst ll these thoughts and confusion, I get the atisfaction that my journey did not stop in Bombay. I do not know if I move to Delhi or not, but what I like is the fact that I questioned myself. So this project ends in march after which I can move. It will also be a year in Bombay. Let us see. Happy confusion  am in, just need to resolve issues!

As I am confused in the Delhi-Bombay debate, the whole country is fired up for the Delhi rape case. But what hurts is the fact that even after this terrible incident there have been rape cases being reported in Bengal and Bombay. Terrible it is. How can man be so inhuman.
RIP Nirbhaya...

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