Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 'Perspective'

Sometimes or should I say once in a lifetime, you go through a phase where there are so many changes happening in life, that you start going crazy! Some of them are unwelcome but some of them are welcome changes, which you somehow want to take place.

During these times, I have just realised or I have been 'enlightened' with this technique which is absolutely marvelous  It is called 'stepping back' and analyzing your life.

I was in Mumbai. I have been busy exploring the developments I was making career wise but I had just stopped looking at my own life. How stupid could I get! I could see the whole race I was a part of of, I could see my competitors competing with, but how could I not see myself running in the race. That is the technique.
When I come out of the race and look at myself with the competitors. I ask the existence of my own self. In fact when I concentrate,I ask the existence of the race in my life!

I am in Delhi, miles away from where the mad race was happening. I was in the race but I left it. I don't know why, but I feel nice and FREE today. This was a big decision as my parents had left the city, my friends in the city had changed, but I somehow liked some part of the city, and I am happy that I am in that part!

'Stepping back' is an amazing technique which gives you a nice perspective of your own life. Meditation is amazing. So is this life. Don't waste it. Live for happiness :)

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