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The Afghani journey

A group of twelve men and women, from Kabul had recently visited India, to see and learn things at the Indian NGO's so that they could take and go back things to Afghanistan which would help them in rebuilding their society. These men and women had come through this organisation called Action Aid, Afghanistan.

I had got a call from Action Aid India to make a film on this journey which these young men and women were taking. I got excited and I started shooting and travelling with the Afghan team for the next 4 days.

This trip has been an eye opener not just for the Afghans but also for me. It has taught me a lot and also made me realise the fact that this country has so much to offer and I need to travel and explore so much before I talk . The film is getting ready and I would share it soon.


Did I sleep well?

I got up early and i slept again.
I definitely got up, but did i sleep well?
With men dying in the mountains,
and kids crying next to the dead bodies.

I could not sleep at all.
I just got up...

That open window

That open window,
right above my pillow,
has happy questions,
with unhappy answers.

The sun rays enter,
wake me up,
from dreams,
unseen and unknown.

Just because of that window,
that open window above my pillow,
that I keep forgetting
my doubts and my problems,
unseen and unknown.

Questions I have,
about life and death,
murders and suicides.
I stare into that window,
and miss my parents,
who are happy just with the memories of my happiness,
all unseen and unknown.

So, it is just this windo,
which answers my questions,
all unseen and unknown.
and nothing else.