Monsoon travel diaries

And it was just any other monsoon with the same old stories of a somewhat 'Early' monsoon and I don't know what all. What was new for me was that I was in back in Delhi fter ages... having spent a nice and 'full' monsoon last year at Mumbai. I had worked hard there and was slightly confused whether is it fool-proof to start something new in a city which is famous for all the wrong reasons, or should I say, is notorious.
What happened was not a part of my plan.

The films on which I had worked last year as an AD (Assistant Director) had begun to release now, when I was in Delhi. When in Mumbai, I could not see a glimpse of anything of this. What I had seen always and still believe in is the fact that one should work hard for TODAY and forget everything else.
First came BOMBAY TALKIES, where I was assisting Dibakar Banerjee, and I was the Da (Director's Assistant), then came out SHIP OF THESEUS (by Anand Gandhi), where we had all worked very hard and never knew when would this release. Amidst all this Mrigh Lamba's and Farhan Akhtar's FUKREY released, and I was happy.
This happiness somehow transferred into the documentary work and the theatre work I had just initiated here, in Delhi. People came in, some left in days, some went on to become friends for life.
 KAMAAN and MY-CROW THINKING FILMS began on a note which was happy and content.

This monsoon has been nice and has been teaching a lot. We did 2 shows of DUSTBIN, which I re-wrote. Both the shows were house full. We got an Invite from NID and left for Ahmedabad. What a time we had. Was a show which none of us would like to forget.
We also went to Kerala and saw some awesome visuals at Konkan and the Kollam beach.
We have just returned to Delhi and we have started working on our next play.  All this was nice and then out of no where we got a call from Rishi Valley school, Banaras calling us for a workshop for the kids . All this was a lot of hard work, but who cares when you get to do what you always wanted to!
We had a meeting yesterday with this industrialist who wants us to do a bunch of street plays in his Plant in Chhittaurgarh, Rajasthan, in October!

Filmwise, we have been working hard too. My-Crowthinking Films got a UN project which is getting edited.

Meanwhile I also get ready for Shlok Sharma's HARAMKHOR, a film by Anurag Kashyap, to which I gave  everything I had then :)

Amidst all this frolic ,writing and editing, I  get up soon and pack for Banaras tomorrow. Travelling continues.

Hardwork, truly pays :)


Nishtha Paliwal said…
Good one!

Keep Rocking :)
tushar said…
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tushar said…
beautifully put the last few months that u have spent in delhi
Thanks Nish and Tushar... We are all here to stay :)

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