Saturday, December 21, 2013

The yet unknown Devyani case

and Dhoom-3!

Hi guys,
- I thought why don't I talk about issues which are going in the country, which affect me or touch me somewhere, and are ignored in the nation or the society.
And as always, my big doubt -  why don't we ask questions and raise these points.

This is the latest case about Devyani, an India-born US diplomat, who was staying in the US and had an Indian maid. One evening, the maid had gone to get veggies. She got them and while returning, she was stopped by a group of drug addicts and was stripped naked and supposedly raped.

She was arrested by the NYPD (New York Police Department) officials and was stripped again and other DNA tests were done and in the process, supposedly raped again.
Devyani did not like this. She complained it to the US officials and surprisingly, none of them acted upon it and they practically 'Ignored' this.

- Meanwhile, the political scene in Delhi was active with news stories of Sheila Dixit's defeat and Khejriwal's victory and the media was full of those stories. Some responsible media houses raised this issue and took the careless Indian govt's case.
They also said that the Indian congress is super irresponsible and not working anywhere towards its victory for the next lok Sabha election.
Somehow, the sarkar woke up and
they reacted, Jhatke se: The barricades from the US ebassy were removed, the US  employees at the US employees had half of their salaries detained and half the Indian  embassy salaries were increased. The US embassy, for the first time in the history got Fucked by the Indian government.

Now what is the big scene: Amidst stupid news of Dhoom-3 releasing in stupid theatres and Modi blabbering somewhere in UP, we have the latest news is that the US government in return is not accepting benefits for Devyani and is not accepting its own negatives.
This is another thing which we can sit over chai and keep on debating. But my only problem is that why are the people so Ignorant in India and why is Dhoom 3 so important.

'Ram Ram' India!

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