Thursday, April 24, 2014

Men in Yellow

These are men who walk from Puttur to Tirupati. They take long walks from Puttur and take non-stop walks and respond to words like 'govinda', which you need to shout at them. So they are constantly walking and forcing you to talk about them. It is fun! The power here is going bad, but I like the way it is going bad, the way it is shaky and moving things, for me, forcing me to write and shoot things. It is the constant power cuts which are forcing me to write plays and Gokul and that is keeping me happy and I like the way they are placed. Isn't it? :) Though I am getting some fits here and there but I am also getting to read my friend's book 'A Night of Journey', a book by Ayn Rynd, which sounds nice. Thanks for the book Sumedha. Meanwhile, the writing continues. Will keep you posted.

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