Puttur Diaries

Puttur Diaries April, 2014 The beginning I had been diagnosed with brain hemorrhage in AIIMS in Delhi and things were not moving the way they should have been. Not for me, not for Kamaan, and sadly, for anything. Was really nice was that I had some people around who loved me and cared for me. Firstly it was people like Tushar, who was somehow really involved with my work, thanks to the woman who was always with me: My mother. Always supportive, always helping and suffering with all the journeys I had been sadly a part of. So we reach this place called Puttur miles away from Delhi, and periods away from a condition I was in. Pa was working in this organisation, letting people getting admitted in it and hence, he had got an accommodation in the village, which somehow reminded me of the way the British officers would come to India, long ago. They would come, reach this beautiful place called India and explore. More than the place, they would look inside and explore themselves. This is one of those journeys for me. I was lucky that I realized that this was giving me opportunities to look inside and see things which were always there, but I never noticed them. Things like writing and love and may be my hemorrhage were just excuses. My journey had just begun...


Nishtha Paliwal said…
Miles to go before you sleep! :)
suman singh said…
Very Nice Post harish.
Wishing you all the best dear..
And yes Mummy's are the best medicine in the whole world..am glad you have that beside to you..
Lots of regards to Raju fua.
And LOL---for your thought that you feel like you are like British Officer and came to a poor India... ROLF :P

Anyway jokes apart...well written. :)

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