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The Nizamuddin Dargah and the ten-rupee note, AGAIN.

It was an evening and I had to rush to NIZAMUDDIN DARGAH, after our theatre rehearsal, with some friends of mine, who had to run to various destinations for reasons of their own. I reached the Islamic sacred place and could not hear the 'famous' music. The Qawwali which begins at 6 pm. There was unwanted peace. No Music, no rhythmic claps, just a curious crowd around the monument. Had we missed the music. Were we so late? How could we be so careless? With these question we were beginning to turn, and suddenly out of no where, emerged a HARMONIUM, the Indian instrument which the singers played while singing. We were on time. Yup! And a blink of time the whole atosphere had turned musical with people giving 10 rupee notes to the singers. I meditated for a while. I could see my friends and they could see me. I was happy that we had witnessed the brilliant music, but every time I came there, I would give ten rupee note, but I did not feel like, I don't know why. May be …