Friday, May 8, 2015

The toughest journey

I was finishing my education,
all excited I wanted to take the toughest journey,
I thought so, and thus began my big journey.

From Ahmedabad, I came back home, to Delhi,
and I was happy at my pace.
I was faster than the others,
but not content.

I worked for a bit and,
joined the Bombay film Industry,
my speed got better, and experiences obviously bigger,
I was definitely faster than the others,
but not content.

I finished working in 4 feature films, one ad-film,
I was way faster than the others,
but still not content.

I could not settle in Bombay,
as I had plans way bigger and much grander.
I began my production house and theatre company.
I battled corruption, and won.

Kamaan was on, so was My-Crow Thinking and the journey with unknown pride.
Again I could see,
I was faster than my friends,
but not content.

But one fine midnight, things changed for me,
I did no wake up in the morning,
with multiple seizures and fits I had suffered the whole night.

I saw sad and worried faces of my parents.
I had problems in my brain,
with multiple CAT scans and MRI's.
Though I was unconscious,
but I sensed my parents' pain
about their only son, battling death.

Epilepsy and Brain hemorrhage at a young age.
And now I thought,
what was the use of running faster than my contemporaries,
when it was just pain that surrounded me.

I saw my friends disappear,
and my parents had that fake smile, to give me courage.

I realized that my journey had not started yet, and I could see the end waiting for me.
I spent hours with my own self, with hours getting inside my brain,
I realized that though the toughest journey had begun,
but now, I was content with the challenge.

Thanks to that lovely couple which gave me birth,
I could now battle death.
The deeper I went, I saw how less I had known about my-self.

This undoubtedly was my toughest journey.
My best journey...:)

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