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Dr. Kalam and my letter!

7:50 am, Delhi.
"Aaj chhutti nahi hai, aaja!"
(The school's ON today. Come down!)

Shouted a little girl all dressed up for school. She was probably going to the municipality school, looking up at some other friend of her's, who would just have woken up.

This was a big piece of news. Dr. Kalam had passed away last night and the government had declared NATIONAL MOURNING ( Rashtriya shok) for seven days. Kids and people were tensed to find out whether it was working today or not.

As I walked further, thoughts poured in. I knew Dr. Kalam. Who was he?

He was India's famous scientist, who worked on India's major missile programs. He was associated closely with DRDO, the army and ISRO, and he got or rather earned the country's highest civilian honor,'BHARAT RATNA', in 1997. He was given the title, Missile man!

But what was special about him was the fact that he had dedicated his life for the work he loved the most. He never got married. He was made t…