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With two days to DIWALI,
I felt a tinge of 'Delhi Winters' in the air, in the morning.
Excited that it is coming...

K. Harish Singh: NOTHING LIKE IT

And I begin 'SHARING' what I know...

I am fine now and I am back again. Though I am still on pills but I can run and catch up my dreams.
At least I can try to, if not do it!

After finishing a book, I am enjoying the phase of Teaching as a Guest lecturer in MICA and NID.
Now when I look around I see various opportunities which need to be caught and worked up on.

I was always interested in this process of 'SHARING', which I guess the world misuses as 'TEACHING', which is old-fashioned for me. The formal meaning of the word is where one person gives the 'Lecture' and the listeners learn from it.

But, I believe I have been learning a lot from all my sessions I have been teaching. In fact, sometimes, I guess I am getting this opportunity to LEARN, UN-LEARN and RE-LEARN.
I am clearing my own doubts about human psychology through different minds I am coming across.Hence, I call this brilliant process SHARING, where both the sizes share each others' stories and learn. Brilliant this is!

Now I am st…



by K. Harish Singh


- 'WAR FOR PEACE' tracks down the changes a Homo Sapien has seen and incurred in the long process of its existence.
He has seen the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age and so on and now, with theinvention of technology, he is in a new age.
- In this age, armies created for self defence, have become a major tool of ATTACK, or may be KILLING.
- Does this violence make sense to an 'educated' man?

- Does man actually need a WAR for peace?
• The research is undertaken to talk and discuss about how a man grew out of the jungle in general, and started learning things.
• He learnt things very fast, was a curious 'animal and that is what drove him.
• But is there one thing which brought him at a place, where he is confused and in many ways trapped in his own 'technology'.
- V…

The "JANTAR" story...

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, 2009.

It was 1:30 at night and after a tiring KHEL session, I was sitting with Sambit at the Faculty lounge talking about a play which my friends in my graduation college (MBICEM) had performed. I had written and titled it 'YANTRA', but I was sad that I could not see it. Nishtha Paliwal had directed it with some friends and I was sure that it would have been nice, but I always wanted to see my upcoming 'PRODUCT' live.

That silent spring night, Sambit, like a good listener asked me what was the play about. So, I narrated the whole idea of the play and he liked it and the first reaction he gave was that as it was a rural story, and it should be called 'YANTAR', and not yantra, which was a pure form of the Sanskrit word. I liked it and with those thoughts we entered the NID NIGHT-MESS and had chai.

With time, I came up with more plays and films and other assignments and as I moved ahead, the play was shelved but I knew tha…