Thursday, October 27, 2016


With two days to DIWALI,
I felt a tinge of 'Delhi Winters' in the air, in the morning.
Excited that it is coming...

Friday, May 6, 2016

And I begin 'SHARING' what I know...

I am fine now and I am back again. Though I am still on pills but I can run and catch up my dreams.
At least I can try to, if not do it!

After finishing a book, I am enjoying the phase of Teaching as a Guest lecturer in MICA and NID.
Now when I look around I see various opportunities which need to be caught and worked up on.

I was always interested in this process of 'SHARING', which I guess the world misuses as 'TEACHING', which is old-fashioned for me. The formal meaning of the word is where one person gives the 'Lecture' and the listeners learn from it.

But, I believe I have been learning a lot from all my sessions I have been teaching. In fact, sometimes, I guess I am getting this opportunity to LEARN, UN-LEARN and RE-LEARN.
I am clearing my own doubts about human psychology through different minds I am coming across.Hence, I call this brilliant process SHARING, where both the sizes share each others' stories and learn. Brilliant this is!

Now I am starting to take a summer workshop for people who are all from different ages. We are all the same kid when we "HAVE FUN"... We are all amazing when we are sharing stories. That is what I would be doing in my next workshop, "OPEN UP!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



by K. Harish Singh


- 'WAR FOR PEACE' tracks down the changes a Homo Sapien has seen and incurred in the long process of its existence.
He has seen the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age and so on and now, with theinvention of technology, he is in a new age.
- In this age, armies created for self defence, have become a major tool of ATTACK, or may be KILLING.
- Does this violence make sense to an 'educated' man?

- Does man actually need a WAR for peace?
• The research is undertaken to talk and discuss about how a man grew out of the jungle in general, and started learning things.
• He learnt things very fast, was a curious 'animal and that is what drove him.
• But is there one thing which brought him at a place, where he is confused and in many ways trapped in his own 'technology'.
- Various daily newspaper articles have been raising this question about the fact that did man actually 'BEGIN' things to be ended like this?
- ONLY 11 countries in the world are currently at peace, a shocking new study has revealed. Out of 162 countries, 151 of the world's nations are currently involved in some form of conflict.


For this, we will go through the text and literature and study done.
For the presentation, we will look into the history of mankind.
We will also discuss how man has grown into the world and started doing his act.

- Moving out of the forests:
As man moved out of the forest, he started making 'SETTLEMENTS'.
For this, he needed anew thing which could solve a lot of problems. Man did not know, that there was something in store for him. There was something, which was yet to be discovered.
It was the WHEEL.
It did help him with pottery and similar things, but the biggest change it got was transportation...


- As the wheel came in, what interested the man was the act of 'FARMING'.
With this, came the 'LAND', and man was engrossed into farming.

- As he worked hard and continued farming, unintended feelings of JEALOUSY and COMPETITION came in.

- With more land, came in more GREED. This is the time which crossed competition EGO was born. Men started having disputes and no-one knows, when did these disputes turn into WARS.

- Man started the wars and he is unfortunately still into the destruction.

- The war is not getting over and it is directly proportional to development. The world is looking for excuses to fight.
As the life is getting complicated, the problems are getting more complex.

- The Condition in INDIA:

How could India be left behind in the race for so called 'DEVELOPMENT, BUT NO PEACE'


On one hand we have there is religion-based terrorism, where people ar not just shouting their religions, but attacking too.

This is not restricted to one religion, but every religion which would have started to spread PEACE, has a SECT, which destroying the reason it was made.

Peaceful religions like Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Christianity have an unwanted sect which is anti-peace.

- The AFSPA (Armed forces Special Powers Act)- An act which was in action in regions of Kashmir and the region of North East, allows every 'UNIFORMED' man to arrest anyone without a charge sheet.

These regions are naturally very beautiful and have a lovely culture of their own is being exploited by the Indian government.
They are being forced to become a part of the Indian-mainland when they do not want to.
This in-turn is irritating the local man there and waging a huge internal conflict, which could have been solved with ease.

PATRIOTISM is a disease.

“I’m a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

This feeling of greed and ignorance has been leading to wars and destruction everywhere on the planet.
Now when we look at the whole cause, we realise that the war is out of our hands, but peace and organisation can be restored only on a PERSONAL LEVEL.
Spread love, educate love and smile.


.............................................................The End.........................................................................

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The "JANTAR" story...

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, 2009.

It was 1:30 at night and after a tiring KHEL session, I was sitting with Sambit at the Faculty lounge talking about a play which my friends in my graduation college (MBICEM) had performed. I had written and titled it 'YANTRA', but I was sad that I could not see it. Nishtha Paliwal had directed it with some friends and I was sure that it would have been nice, but I always wanted to see my upcoming 'PRODUCT' live.

That silent spring night, Sambit, like a good listener asked me what was the play about. So, I narrated the whole idea of the play and he liked it and the first reaction he gave was that as it was a rural story, and it should be called 'YANTAR', and not yantra, which was a pure form of the Sanskrit word. I liked it and with those thoughts we entered the NID NIGHT-MESS and had chai.

With time, I came up with more plays and films and other assignments and as I moved ahead, the play was shelved but I knew that like most of my interesting projects, it had to come back sometime, but I did not know when. As I got busy with other projects and cities, the play continued to be in my 'SHELF'.

As time went on, my career took a turn and so did my life and I happily traveled the way it took me to.
Meanwhile, I did not know that my health was also changing, that too without my knowledge. It was falling down and I thought otherwise. But I was happy to have a collection of ideas in my bag which I was always proud of, and they kept me going.

As I took time to wrap up my shelved ideas and my big fight with my disease (BRAIN HEMORRHAGE) continued, I realized that I had this play which was not worked upon. It attracted attention which it needed.

Times had changed since I wrote the first draft of 'Yantra'. I, as a person, had also changed. And a new thing which had entered was the issue of 'Hyderabadi' or 'Dakhani Urdu'.

So, I wrote and in the process, 'YANTRA' changed to 'JANTAR'.

So, after lots of issues of casting and re-writing the original, we recently performed at Akshara Theatre, New Delhi. Here is a glimpse of the evening we had...

'Ram Ram' India!

Bajju, Rajasthan. 9 pm In Bajju, every morning I wake up for chai and smile at strangers, who break their 'Being strangers' tag ...