Saturday, October 7, 2017

The 'BREAK' journey...

It was a humid evening in Delhi. As I was working on my desk, I got a Whats-app message from a cousin, who does not message me often, but she does it more than any other cousin. She stays in Colorado with her husband, but had come to India for some work.

She told me that they were laughing with her elder sister were talking about me and laughing out loud thinking of my 'STUPID JOKES'. Age-wise, I fall in between both of them and somehow, but our frequencies match as if we were the same age.

Again, we don't meet often, but whenever we meet, we talk as if we had met yesterday. I smiled as I read the whats-App message, that there is someone in the world thinking about me.
I asked the younger one (the Colorado resident), till when is she in India. She said the date and she said, "...if you are not busy, please come!". This was good enough for me to plan for Hyderabad and meet them.
I had somehow finished my projects and I was on a break. It happened so fast that I got my train ticket reserved, and I was packing for the BREAK trip to Hyderabad.
Another cousin had also planned to visit Hyderabad from Bangalore, and I would be meeting my gentlemen nephews. They are very young in age but we have fun and we also talk about the whole world news. And then there would be Tuffy, the pet dog at my uncle's place, who is absolutely AMAZING to be with!

I also had to shoot a part of my documentary 'ME?' and I had not interviewed this lot. So we ate a lot of amazing Biryani, brilliant street food, had lots of long chats, wasting time deliberately.
The second cousin of the first two, is married in a Bangla family, got amazing sweets from there and lots of interesting stories of Durga Puja.

I returned yesterday and it is brilliant that we have work which keeps us busy and makes us forget the fun we had in the trip. Will start with KAMAAN's new street play, "KITNA INSAAN, KITNA VIGYAN", on World Science day. Have to edit a trailer of the documentary with the new faces and interviews. Have to write GOKUL-II. And most importantly, I have to assemble poor kids and teach them coaching classes in the evening, for FREE.

So, this short trip has refreshed me and I am all set for the future projects. Not to forget, with my intelligent nephews I came up with a new quiz called 'KAUN BANEGA KISKA-PATI!'

The fun should never stop.

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