Tuesday, May 22, 2018


11:06 pm, Gurgaon.

My uncle (my father's real brother) called him after centuries and he wanted to talk with me. He asked a simple question, "Harish, I have a doubt, what do you do now?"
This was a question which shook me and because of lack of answers, I simply smiled.

An old friend had asked me that day that I don't work anywhere,I have my group's rehearsal only on weekends, I just need to teach slum kids twice a week and now there is a summer vacation now, so the college work is closed for sometime. So how am I so busy, always?

But when I look inside, I like having so much of work that there is stuff left after the day too. But where does this work come from? I guess I love 'inventing' work for myself. I have been busy writing a street play, writing a new stage play, and directing a short film, but the worst part is that I like being busy. Only the film part gives me money, and all the rest gives me more pleasure than money.

I also get pleasure in teaching the slum kids, and I end up using my pocket-money in it! Now, after doing for sometime, I have started getting some money from friends as donations, but I travel to a far off distance to teach these kids and after a long search I have found this group whose parents really want the kids to study under me (and a friend).

So, I don't have an office, but I have work! I guess that is what keeps me busy.
Invention of new work has kept me running around and kept me busy in that. I am not against people who have 9 to 5 jobs. But I have not found myself capable of fitting in that scene. I run more and earn little, but it keeps me happy!

I came across my PG student of mine who asked me," Sir how do I explain it to a new person who asks about my profession?". I smiled again. I guess I have learnt to answer that question now.

I was traveling in the train from Delhi to Hyderabad and I met a PhD student from JNU. He was silent and though we were sitting on the side berths, it took us some time to open up. After a short conversation, surprisingly he got what I was doing. He said something very interesting. He said that he was doing a research in Micro-biology and he was happy. But he did not need to give an explanation to the work of what he was doing. He smiled. I loved that smile of fulfillment.
He said that you know yourself the best what work you are doing, so why explain it to any one. I was so impressed by the calmness in his voice. He was so full.

I shared the story of the JNU scholar in my class with my students and all the students smiled.

My uncle asked from the other side of the call again,"Harish, you there? So, what are you doing now?"
I took a deep breath and said, "Nothing!"
I smiled like that PhD student.

'Ram Ram' India!

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